克拉夫-汉森画廊, 位于克拉夫大厅, brings to campus four exhibitions of contemporary art from September through March. Shows run two to six weeks and are open to the Rhodes community and visitors. 在四月和五月初, the gallery hosts two student exhibitions: the Juried Student Exhibit and the Senior Thesis Exhibit. Please contact the gallery director, Joel Parsons, at or (901) 843-3442 if you should have any questions.

周二至周六上午11点.m. - 5 p.m. (星期日及星期一休息)

杰西·L. 克拉夫艺术教学纪念馆
In 1953, Etta Hanson gave to the college an important collection of Asian woodcut prints, porcelains, fabrics, and other objects that she and her sister had collected. 为了纪念杰西·L. Clough, the collection forms the basis of the college′s art collection. Selected objects from the collection are periodically displayed in the Clough-Hanson画廊 and are used for teaching.

Lillian and Morrie Moss系列讲座
Often in tandem with Clough-Hanson exhibitions, the Art Department hosts an impressive annual lecture series, made possible by the Lillian and Morrie Moss Endowment for the Visual Arts. The Moss lecture series brings notable artists, art historians and museum professionals to campus for formal lectures and classroom sessions.


背景下的策展:   Although normally staged as an in-person exhibition, during quarantine the students of Art 260: 背景下的策展 worked remotely with Memphis-based artists to think about what art can do during quarantine. The result is a group of virtual exhibitions that help us see the landscape, the home, 人际关系, and our own bodies with the clarity and insight that only art and artists can offer.  

Students also digitally preserved their work for 艺术主题:艺术与科学工作室, an interdisciplinary class for students designed to blend the disciplines of studio art and science. The projects prompted students to explore themes, concepts, and processes from the natural sciences using a variety of artistic techniques, processes, and materials ranging from block printing to illustration and more.