保护学生... 保护我们自己...

Maintaining confidentiality of student records is everyone′s responsibility whether you are faculty, 教职员或学生. 为什么?

  • 因为这么做是对的

  • 因为联邦政府要求我们这么做

1974年的《正规博彩十大网站排名》, 修订的, is a Federal law which states (a) that a written institutional policy must be established and (b) that a statement of adopted procedures covering the privacy rights of students be made available. The law provides that the institution will maintain the confidentiality of student education records.

正规博彩十大网站排名学院给予在校生法律规定的所有权利. 机构以外的任何人不得接触或披露, any information from students′ education records without the written consent of students except to personnel within the institution, 致学生申请入学的其他机构的官员, 向学生提供经济援助的个人或组织, 对履行其认可职能的机构, 授予遵守司法命令的人, and to persons in an emergency in order to protect the health or safety of students or other persons. 根据该法,所有这些例外都是允许的. 只有那些大学社区的成员, 单独或集体, acting in the students′ educational interest are allowed access to student education records. These members include personnel (including student workers) and the professional staff of the office of Student Development and Academic Services, 金融援助, 制度研究, and College officials with a legitimate educational interest as determined by the 注册商.

At its discretion the institution may provide directory information in accordance with the provisions of the Act including name, 父母的名字, 学校和家庭住址和电话号码, 校园电邮地址, 出席日期, 毕业年份, 已获得或预期获得的学位和荣誉, 学术专业, 以及指导老师. 学生 may withhold directory information by notifying the 注册商 以书面形式 at least 60 days to the first day of class for the fall semester. 要求保密 will be honored by the College until rescinded by the student 以书面形式. 要求保密, 除非取消, 在学生离开学院后仍然有效.

The law provides students with the right to inspect and review information contained in their education records, 挑战他们教育记录的内容, 如果申诉结果不令人满意,将举行听证会, and to submit explanatory statements for inclusion in their files if the decisions of the hearing panels are unacceptable. The 注册商 at 正规博彩十大网站排名学院 has been designated by the institution to coordinate the inspection and review procedures for student education records, 包括招生, 个人, 学术, 以及财务档案, 还有学业和安置记录. 学生 wishing to review their education records must make written requests to the 注册商 listing the item or items of interest. Only records covered by the Act will be made available within forty-five days of the request. 学生可以复印他们的记录,但有一些例外,如.g., 财务“持有”存在的学术记录副本, 或存在于其他地方的原始或原始文件的抄本). 教育记录不包括教学记录, 监督, 行政, and educational personnel which are the sole possession of the maker and are not accessible or revealed to any individual except a temporary substitute. 其他不包括校园安全部门的记录, 学生健康记录, 就业记录(学生工记录除外), 或者校友记录. 然而,健康记录可以由学生选择的医生审查.

学生 may not inspect and review the following as outlined by the Act: financial information submitted by their parents; confidential letters and recommendations associated with admission to the College. 就业或就业安排, or honors to which they have waived their rights of inspection and review; or education records containing information about more than one student, in which case the institution will permit access only to that part of the record which pertains to the inquiring student. The institution is not required to permit students to inspect and review confidential letters and recommendations 的地方d in their files prior to January 1, 1975, provided those letters were collected under established policies of confidentiality and were used only for the purposes for which they were collected.

学生 who believe that their education records contain information that is inaccurate or misleading, 或以其他方式侵犯其隐私或其他权利, 可以与书记官长非正式地讨论他们的问题吗. 如果注册主任的决定与学生的要求一致, 适当的记录将被修改. 如果不是, the students will be notified within a reasonable period of time that the records will not be amended; and they will be informed of their right to a formal hearing. Student requests for a formal hearing must be made 以书面形式 to the Dean of 学术事务 who, 在收到请求后的合理时间内, 会通知学生日期吗, 的地方, 还有听证会的时间. 学生 may present evidence relevant to the issues raised and may be assisted or represented at the hearings by one or more persons of their choice, 包括律师, 以学生为代价. The hearing panels which will adjudicate such challenges will be the Faculty Standards and Standing Committee.

聆讯小组的决定为最终决定, 会完全基于听证会上提供的证据吗, and will consist of written statements summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons for the decisions, 并将转交给有关各方. The education records will be corrected or amended in accordance with the decisions of the hearing panels, 如果决定对学生有利. If the decisions are unsatisfactory to the students the students may 的地方 with the education records statements commenting on the information in the records, or statements setting forth any reasons for disagreeing with the decisions of the hearing panels. 这些陈述将被记录在教育档案中, 作为学生记录的一部分, 只要有问题的记录被披露就会公布.

学生 who believe that the adjudications of their challenges were unfair or not in keeping with the provisions of the Act may request, 以书面形式, assistance from the president of the institution to aid them in filing complaints with The 家庭教育权利和隐私法 Office (FERPA), 教育部, 华盛顿, D.C. 20201.

Revisions and clarifications of this policy will be published as experience with the law and the institutional policy warrants. 遵守该法案的年度通知发布在大学公报上.